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Life Story of Sheikh Mahmud Efendi Books in Four Languages


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''Indeed the awliya (companions) of ALLAH will have nothing to fear nor will they grieve.'' (Surah Yunus:62)
Sheikh al-Islam Abdullah al-Harawi al-Ansari (Quddisa Sirruhu), has a unique expression:
''O ALLAH! What kind of a hal (condition,sensation) is this!
You allow your companions to reach such ranks that the ones who get to know them
discover you but when they are ignorant of you they are unaware of them''
May ALLAH allow this work to be a means for people to get to know our Ustad and in turn ALLAH Himself.

Length 9.5 inches / 24.5 cantimeter
Width 6.45 inches/ 17  cantimeter
Contains 146 pages
Book weighs 530 grams
Coated paper
● İn English

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Arabic, English, German, Russian


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