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The Conqueror of Constantinople Muhammed Al Fatih




Muhammed Al Fatih 2'th was the conqueror of Constantinople, conquered the city in 1453.

Fatih sultan Mehmet khan was born on 27 Rajap, 835 A.H., 30 march 1432 in Andrianople (present-day Edirne).
He died at the age of 49 in 1481. He's father was Sultan 2'th Mehmed khan. Sultan Mehmed had sons (Prince Cem 
who took refuge in the Vatican, and Bayezid who was the successor to the throne 
of the Ottoman Empire) and two daughters.

Muhammad Al Fatih remarkably inherited the throne twice.
He's first accession lasted two years (1444-1446), and after 
a five year hiatus, in 1451 he returned to the throne a second 
time and managed to remain there untill his death.

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