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The Selected Tales of Nasreddin Hodja




Nasreddin Hodja, who is known as the symbol of humour genre, is believed to have lived in Anatolia in the 
thirteenth century. Hodja, known for his quick witi takes on contradictory characters in each story and 
leveals the seriousness of the incident with humour. 

The stories in this tale have been chosen from various sources and carefully simplified.

"Only the genious artist called Charlie Chaplin got closer to the humor scenes with 
profound and precious advice of Nasreddin Hodja."  Necip Fazıl Kısakürek

"Hodja is in the imagination of th public; people, when necessary,get ungry with themself
and scold themself with his words. As Bedri Rahmi Eyyüpoğlu said ones; "Soon, Hodja will 
take the bus or the minibus and he will definitely want to take a cab..."
Abdülbaki Gölpınarlı

● Length 6.5  inches/ 16.70 cantimeter 
● Width  4.05 inches/ 10.40 cantimeter 
● Contains 70 pages 
● Avalible in english


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